Communication Studies


Speech & Debate Program

  • Ranked 1st in Ohio Division II
  • 12 Individual Events and Debate
  • All Academic Majors
  • States, Nationals and Internationals
  • Earn 3-4 credits per semester


What is Forensics?

Forensics is defined as guided presentations in a public forum that includes intercollegiate competition.  The Muskingum University Forensics Program is for students interested in competitive speaking and performance as a co-curricular activity.  Participants travel to other colleges and universities and compete against other college-level students in debate and/or three different categories of speech totaling twelve different events. For a description of events that Muskingum students participate in, visit the National Forensics Association page: Description of Individual Events.

forensics team after a competition

Forensics Scholarships are available

Performance scholarships are available for the Forensics Program.  The awards range from $500-$2500 and are renewable for your remaining three years at Muskingum, depending on your level of participation in the program, and subject to the discretion of the faculty.

Scholarship Information


Do I need to be a Communication Major to apply?

No.  Many students who are intersted in Forensics are also interested in other disciplines, and while many of the team members are Communication majors or minors, there are just as many who major in a different unrelated field and simply want to participate.  The experience you gain and the skills you develop as a participant in Forensics will serve you well no matter what academic major or career path you choose to pursue.  You can even earn college credit hours for competing.

forensis students holding their plaques after winning a competition

More Information:

If you want to know about forensics at Muskingum Universtiy or about the scholarship process specifically, we welcome your interest and your questions.  To arrange for a faculty interview or audition, tour of the facilities or meet other communication students, please contact us.

Professor Rachel Pollock, DOF




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