Residence Life

Traditional Halls

There are multiple housing styles available at Muskingum University including traditional residence halls, stand-alone houses, townhouses, and Greek Housing. First-year students have options within the traditional halls. As students progress at Muskingum, additional housing options become available.

Traditional Halls

The traditional halls include singles, doubles, triples, and quads. There are 6 traditional residence halls on campus. Memorial Hall, Moore Hall, and Thomas Hall house first-year students while Kelley Hall, Finney Hall, and Patton Hall house upperclass students.

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First Year

Thomas Hall
Houses men and women on alternate floors, First-Yearthomashall.jpg

Memorial Hall
Houses men, first-year onlymemorialhall.jpg

Moore Hall
Houses women, first-year onlymoore.jpg


Finney Hall
Co-Ed, Upperclass

Patton Hall
Houses men and women. Top floor is co-ed, upperclasspattonhall.jpg

Kelley Hall
Houses women and men on alternate floors, upperclasskelleyhall.jpg

Alternate Housing Options

Muskingum provides independent living options including the Lakeside Houses and Townhouses. Students may select a group of friends to live in these houses with in a more independent lifestyle than a traditional hall provides.


Lakeside Houses

Greek Housing
Most of the greek organizations on campus have the opportunity to live together in a house or hall on campus. Each organization has a different style of housing. Some live in stand alone houses, while others have a floor or hall within a traditional hall that they live on. Students who are fully active Greek members may live in their Greek Housing. Students may not live in Greek Housing until they are sophomores.


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