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Greetings Friends,

Throughout this academic year a small group of students has been meeting with me in the Chapel on Tuesdays at 11:30. These meetings have been lovingly titled “Believe It Or Not.” The goal of these meetings is to explore diverse spiritual practices from across traditions and the globe in hopes of finding something that works for you. The name “Believe it, or Not” is meant to invite inquiry, tolerance and the respectful spirit of knowing we don’t have to believe everything we encounter, but we are invited to contemplate it and then decide to adopt it or set it aside. So far this year we have looked at medieval chanting, meditation, breathing exercises, combining yoga and the psalms, finding God’s voice in found objects, centering exercises, opening exercise, various forms of prayer and mindfulness, and open forums on spiritual questions and challenges.

Our Tuesday meetings are generally a five minute introduction to the topic, tradition, practice, or activity; 20-25 minutes of giving it a try; and 5-10 minutes of reflection and discussion. We enter into these explorations understanding that a full understanding of tradition or practice cannot happen with a five minute introduce, and that it is almost ridiculous to try. But try we must, and it is my hope that if a concept or idea sparks something within you, you will take the time to explore it further (and I’m always here to help!) Although the reflection and discussions will be different when we are far apart, it is my hope that this Spiritual Resource page will give you the opportunity to join (or continue) our spiritual exploration and growth. These reflections are also available in the form or a weekly email while school is in session, which you are invited to sign up for here.

I will be adding reflections weekly during the academic year. If there is a practice you would like to introduce to the community, or a tradition you would like me to look into and present on your behalf please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Deep peace in the time of challenge,

Rev. Julia Wright

Chaplain for Student Affairs 

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