Religious Life

Religious Life Programs

A full range of programs is offered each year to stimulate faith, growth, and fellowship on campus.

Lectures, films, Bible studies, retreats, and service projects are just a few of the areas covered.

The Religious Life Goals for Programming include the development and conduct of a variety of programs around the following areas:

  • Exploring the meaning and vitality of different faiths, or of no faith, without being threatened by the differences.
  • Developing programs of education for wholesome relationships.
  • Developing a spirituality which enhances the witness of the Gospel in the face of individualism and the secular learning environment.
  • Promoting a community of witness against racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, parochialism, atheism, and insensitivity to the disabled or different.
  • Promoting the truth claims of the Gospel in the academic arena.
  • Actively supporting programs in which students are helped to find their true identity and make fertile adjustments to college life.
  • Establishing modest programs of dialogue and awareness.

Developing a loving and supportive community that welcomes diversity while seeking to know and understand what Jesus asks of us. ( And that IS the question, "What does Jesus ask of us?" Not Paul, not the church, not our particular denomination. For more information please contact Chaplain Derek.

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