Campus Safety


The Muskingum University Police Department offers a range of services to students, faculty, staff, and visitors to campus. Should a situation arise and you need assistance, dial 8155 to speak to an officer.

Fleet Vehicle Key Pickup

All fleet reservations are made by Physical Plant during business hours by dialing 8160. All fleet keys are to be picked up at the University Police Department.

Only those persons that have completed the fleet vehicle driver instruction and successfully passed the written exam are qualified to drive a Muskingum University fleet and/or rental vehicle.

Each driver must sign-out the vehicle they are driving, one person cannot sign for multiple vehicles. Return the keys and trip ticket with receipts by the time scheduled for the vehicle's return. It is important that the vehicle return no later than the scheduled return time, other individuals/groups may have that vehicle reserved immediately after you.

A reminder to please be courteous to others who also use fleet vehicles, be sure to collect all your belongings and discard any trash before returning the vehicle.

Should you be involved in an accident with a fleet vehicle, remain calm and call the police immediately. All vehicle information is located inside the glovebox. Be sure to write down the name of the police department and officer handling the accident, and contact the Muskingum University Police Department as soon as possible. Should the local police authorities refuse to take a crash report, contact the University Police immediately.

Handicap Parking Passes

Muskingum University Police issues temporary handicap parking passes to those needing closer access to buildings. Those who experience a temporary injury or medical situation that limits their mobility should bring a doctor's slip to the University Police Department to receive the temporary pass. University Police also offers shuttle service to students who experience mobility problems due to injury or illness.

Car Won't Start? Keys Locked in the Car?

Muskingum University Police can help. If your vehicle becomes disabled on campus or you need assistance with your vehicle, call the University Police at 8155. University Police has a limited amount of funds for emergency services including jump-starts, lockouts, and tows to local garages.

Planning on Visiting Campus? 

University parking and traffic regulations require all vehicle to be registered regardless of the length of time on campus. All visitors to campus should see the University Police to register their vehicle. Should the vehicle be damaged or need to be moved, registration allows the officer to quickly contact the owner/driver.

Too Dark to Walk Across Campus? 

Muskingum University Police will provide a ride to any student, simply call 8155.

Lost & Found

Muskingum University Police has a closet full of items lost and found. If you're missing something, or have found an item, call University Police at 8155. 

Your Belongings

All Resident Assistants have been provided with an invisimark pen to label your belongings. All valuables should be readily identifiable.

Background Check Form (PDF)

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