Digital Media Design

Digital Media Design

Our creative major in Digital Media Design connects you to disciplines across the academic program.

Your experience will draw upon a wide range of subjects and skills, including art, business, electronic and print communications, music, theatre, and the social sciences.

The modes of inquiry and problem-solving from each of these varying disciplines combine to prepare you well for a world that is increasingly interactive, interconnected, integrated, and collaborative across professional, cultural, commercial, and personal aspects of life.

Orbit Media – our student-run FM-radio station, cable TV access channel, and newspaper – along with our intercollegiate Forensics Team and our Theatre Department productions provide multiple opportunities to further explore your interests in communication technology, production, and oral communication.


  • Collaborative and independent research projects to develop your creative and analytical design skills.
  • Internship opportunities with businesses, non-profit organizations, and media.
  • Participate in networking events, workshops, seminars, conferences, and national competitions presented by key professional organizations in fields that interest you.
  • Hands-on media production experience in our Orbit Media outlets: WMCO 90.7 class A 1.32 KW FM radio station, Orbit Television Channel 9 cable access television channel, and The Black & Magenta newspaper.
  • Intercollegiate Forensics Team competitions with other university students in Ohio and across the country.
  • Stage performance and production experience through our Theatre Department.


You will enter the workforce ready to contribute your design abilities to real-world needs and practical problems. Our graduates find employment in design, media, and marketing for agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations in a wide variety of fields.


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