Digital Media Design

Digital Media Design Success Stories

Yoshi Hiroe, '15 

Hirow earned his degree in Digital Media Design while at Muskingum University. Yoshi came to the U.S. as an adult learner earning his second bachelor’s degree. He chose to study in the U.S. because he wanted to learn English, and he specifically chose Muskingum because the university’s rural setting allowed him to focus on his studies.

Upon graduation, Hiroe returned to Japan and found a job working as a system engineer at an IT company – a role for which his digital media design major helped to prepare him. Hiroe has also used some of his English skills to negotiate with foreign companies in Japan.

Jonathan Williams '12

Williams is a digital media design student who was heavily involved as a leader in campus media. During his time at Muskingum, he took on part-time work, internships, and engaged in freelance design opportunities to further develop his skills. He has since been awarded a fellowship with The Ohio Channel, a service of Ohio's public broadcasting channels, and a prestigious launching pad to a career in media.

Caleb Eno '12

As a digital media design major, Eno engaged in collaborative research and independent projects that helped to develop his creative and analytical design skills. He studied in Scotland for a semester. He is now attending graduate school in an innovative digital storytelling program at Ball State University in Indiana.

Kristin Brumley ('10)

Brumley went on to earn a master's degree from Ohio University. She now is working at West Virginia University as an integrated marketing specialist for their law school.

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