Digital Media Design

About Digital Media Design

The Digital Media Design major is one of the most creative programs at Muskingum University, ultimately reaching out to various disciplines across the academic program.  It provides students with an experience that draws upon the best of a wide range of academic subjects and skills, such as art, business, electronic and print communications, music, theatre, and even the social sciences--each with deep traditions and well-established modes of inquiry and problem-solving.  In so doing, the major will prepare students well for a world that is increasingly and ineluctably focused on interaction, integration, and cooperation in the realms of commerce, culture, and professional life.


The mission of the Communication, Media, & Theatre Department is to offer quality academic programs designed to develop student understanding and skills in theatre, media, and communication theory, technology, and performance. Through development of ethical sensitivity, critical thinking, performance and production skills, the student will be challenged to lead a more vocationally productive, personally satisfying, and socially responsible life.

The vision of the Communication, Media, & Theatre Department continues to be aggressively striving to keep the department on the cutting edge of practice, theory, methods, and technology of communication in the twenty-first century. With this vision we can continue to strive to meet our goal of graduating students who are prepared for success in their respective areas of degrees.

Program Learning Goals

Students will be able to utilize design research of audience and aesthetics to create effective multimedia messages using state of the art practices.

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