Animal Studies

Animal Studies Course Descriptions

ANST 250 Career Development in Animal Studies
Credit Hours:

Orients students to the field of animal studies as well as to the array of career opportunities that can extend from a major in animal studies. Students are challenged to investigate the specific knowledge and skills required for job candidates in their area of interest as well as identifying potential employers. As part of the course experience, students are required to develop a presentation of career and employment options based on research conducted using resources available through the University’s Office of Career Services. The seminar requires students to identify academic coursework as well as professional development experiences (e.g., internship opportunities, shadowing programs, research experiences) that are appropriate for their career interests. Students submit a career development plan that highlights the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to acquire as well as any needs they may have to clarify their goals.

ANST 495 Senior Seminar in Animal Studies
Credit Hours:

A capstone course for students completing the animal studies major. The course involves reading and analysis of literature from the field. Students complete a capstone project that generally takes the form of a written literature review, developing a capstone experience that directly relates to the student’s career interest area(s). Topics are selected in consultation with the supervising faculty member. Prerequisite: permission of the course instructor.

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