Animal Studies

About Animal Studies

Animal Studies is designed for students with interests in developing a career path that involves animals. Our program is designed to prepare students in three general areas: science, psychology and communication, and management and finance.

Science courses provide knowledge from areas within biology that focus on animals and public health. Psychology and communication courses provide practical knowledge and skills required for leading and administering a financially sustainable organization.


The mission of the Animal Studies major within the Biology Department of Muskingum University is to prepare our students for fulfilling professional & personal lives. To achieve this aim, the Animal Studies major offers a program of course work and career development that prepares students for an array of career paths centered on working with animals. In addition, the major is designed to augment development of critical professional skills such as problem solving, written and oral communication and critical thinking.

Program Learning Goals

  • Identify the traditional and emerging fields of study and occupation associated with Animal Studies.
  • Demonstrate a record of organization and planning that prepares them for a both an entry level position as well as advancement in this field.
  • Demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills and pre-professional experiences required for work and advancement in the field.
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