Animal Studies

This multidisciplinary major prepares you for a career path where you can focus on animals, their needs, and their relationship with human beings. Science courses center on areas of biology relating to animals and public health; psychology and communication courses add to your practical knowledge; and management and finance courses will help you lead and administer a financially sustainable organization.


  • Solid career preparation in the areas of organismal biology such as biodiversity studies, animal behavior and conservation, with emphasis on training in appropriate areas of psychology, communication, and environmental ethics
  • An emphasis on career development, helping students identify and prepare for career areas that will directly connect to areas of passion and interest
  • Access to experiential learning opportunities that help students understand what they want in the career path they are working to develop
  • A close working relationship with your program advisor that extends beyond course planning


Animal Studies graduates are prepared for a wide array of careers associated with animal care and management and animal therapy.   

Our graduates have the skills employers are looking for in candidates they hire and promote: problem solving, oral and written communication, critical analysis, and the ability work in teams.

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