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Outdoor Initiatives Mission

The mission of The Outdoor Initiative is to get Muskingum University students out to enjoy the outdoors. Whether this is through programs for solitude or community building, we feel it is necessary to show appreciation for the outdoors and the environment. Our purpose is to provide these opportunities for students to enjoy their immediate surroundings, to help educate the local population on environmental concerns and eco-friendly ideas, and to promote living an active lifestyle by getting outside.

For more information check-out our page on Presence: Outdoor Initiatives Club or checkout the Outdoor Initiatives page on our app MuskieFit.

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Past Trips

White Water Rafting

Typically in early fall semester.  We like to go to Ohio Pyle for this trip.  Historically this has cost students $15-25 pending on who we can work with and how many students we can have before we hit capacity.

ww ww ww

We do these year-round pending weather and where we have access to.  We have done local hikes near campus, at Salt Fork, Dillon, Blackhand Gorge, and have also gone to places like Hocking Hills which is relatively close by.

Hike Hike 2


Skiing, Snowboarding, Snow Tubing

We typically do this in late January to Mid-February.  We have gone to places like Snow Trails in Mansfield, Ohio and Mad River Mountain in Zanesfield, Ohio.

Skiing 1 skiing 2 skiing 3



Typically we might host an event involving kayaks in early fall to mid-fall and late spring.  Otherwise, there are kayaks at the Chess Center that students can check-out for free at any time during the year.

kayak kayak kayak kayak


Camping Out

Mid-late Fall in various locations including the Hollow on campus!

Camp Out

Indoor Rock Climbing

Offered potentially at any point in the year depending on interest and available funding.  Last time we went we went to Vertical Adventures in Columbus, Ohio.

Rock Climbing Rock Climbing

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