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Muskingum Reignites Connection with India’s Prestigious Doon School
Doon School

Muskingum University and The Doon School, a prestigious Indian boarding school for 12-18 year old boys, have a long history of connections, with more than 50 Doon alumni attending and graduating from Muskingum since 1980.

For Doon and Muskingum alumnus Ashwan Khanna ‘84, “My experience at Muskingum had a tremendous impact upon my life and the same is true for many of my friends and colleagues.”  The Managing Partner of Explorer Capital, LLC, Ashwan earned his B.A. in Economics and Accounting and is also a Certified Public Account.

Ashwan’s commitment to the University has led him to spearhead a volunteer effort to help reinvigorate and strengthen connections between the two institutions and recruit future Muskingum students from The Doon School. “I am inspired to see this partnership growing once again, knowing the profound impact it will have for the next generation of Muskies from The Doon School,” Ashwan said.

During a recent virtual recruiting event for current Doon students, several Doon and Muskingum alumni spoke about their Muskingum experiences.

Nikhil Deogun ‘91, who serves as a Muskingum University Trustee, is  Chief Executive Officer of the Americas for the Brunswick Group. “The formative relationships with my professors combined with leadership opportunities, like serving as the editor of the Black & Magenta, prepared me well for my career in journalism and communications at the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and the Brunswick Group,” he said.

Parvez Khambatta ’05, a Principal Licensing Engineer for Nuclear Fuels with Westinghouse Electric Company, credited his personal growth to Muskingum's close-knit community, its sound academic foundation, student leadership opportunities, and alumni network, which made it possible for him to pursue his career passion. Parvez earned a B.S. in Physics from Muskingum, a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, and a M.S. in Fluid Mechanics from the University of Florida.

Muskingum Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Arjun Sondhi is also a Doon graduate and is participating in the outreach effort. “My first visit to Muskingum took me right back to my days at Doon: brick buildings surrounded by lots of greenery and an immensely friendly and welcoming faculty and staff,” Arjun said. “I’m excited to welcome Doon students to our campus and my classroom.”

Doon School Headmaster Dr. Jagpreet Singh is enthusiastic about the partnership. “Where The Doon School ends, Muskingum begins,” he said.

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