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Muskies Make a Big Splash in the Media
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John Glenn famously said, “New Concord and Muskingum University are the center of the universe, because if you get your start here, you can go anywhere.” At Muskingum we often share Senator Glenn’s thoughts and wax poetic about the impact our community contributes to the world. This isn’t a marketing concept. It’s not empty copy for our website. It’s the true reflection of the education and experience gained by students, and the dedication of our faculty and staff. 

Whether it’s a poignant student initiative, an alumni achievement, or faculty milestone, Muskies truly do impact the world. So how have we made a splash recently, you ask?



luke lloyd at cnbc

Luke Lloyd (’19), a Wealth Advisor & Investment Strategist for Strategic Wealth Partners in Cleveland, Ohio, has been a popular and recurring face on various news programs to share his financial advising acumen on several wide-ranging topics. Luke’s recent highlights include:

According to Associate Professor of Business, Gary Golden, Luke is a “media rock star” and who are we to disagree!



matt davis headshot

Students, have you ever wondered what to do with your math degree? Muskingum’s very own Dr. Matt Davis, Associate Professor of Mathematics and chair of Mathematics and Computer Science, was quoted in an extensive U.S. News & World Report article featuring  thought leaders  from across the country.   

In the article, Dr. Davis says the skills learned while pursuing a math degree are a critical component of some governmental work. "In the information age, governmental agencies need to analyze huge amounts of data and predict the far-reaching effects of policy decisions. The ability to model large problems with rigorous thinking is invaluable."



psychology staff wearing masks

At Muskingum, we’re pretty serious about the importance of wearing a mask to protect everyone and to keep us together on campus this semester. Dr. Dinah Meyer, Associate Professor of Psychology, and her colleagues in the Psychology Department had some fun spreading the word by sharing the above photo on social media and with WBNS, channel 10 in Columbus. WBNS ran the photo in the “Show Us Your Mask” segment during the morning news on Aug. 3. Naturally, everyone pictured was wearing a psychology themed mask. Way to help raise awareness!  

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