Business Management

Ignition Program

Muskingum University’s Ignition Program provides the opportunity for students to nurture and develop entrepreneurial ideas, share skills and resources, and launch new products.

Ignition is a high-impact, value-added experience designed to bring together Muskingum students of any major with entrepreneurial ideas and aspirations. The intent of the program is to help students take full advantage of the impactful, well-rounded, education received at Muskingum University.

The Details

Students in the Ignition program meet regularly with a group of faculty advisors to study and apply creativity; continually collect resources; network with external entrepreneurs and organizations, and hold events – all to embrace idea generation and positive entrepreneurial pursuit. Additionally, Ignition students are honored each year at the Muskingum University Scholarship Recognition Program with the Ignition Achievement Award.
Ignition serves a leadership role on campus by sponsoring entrepreneurial activities such as the InnovationMania event, where student entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and participate in a unique problem-solving team challenge. 

Ignition also hosts many speakers, such co-sponsored program with Ohio University’s LIGHTS organization. During this event, Muskingum and Ignition program alumni, Daniel Jennings and A.J. Kazmierczak, detailed their blossoming small batch coffee roasting business, Jennings Java

The room filled with people

Daniel Jennings

AJ Kazmierczak



Kristine Pray, Assistant Professor of Business


Tom German, Associate Professor of Digital Media Design


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