Business Management

About Business Management

The Business Management program is a fully integrated degree program which seeks to provide students both a multi-faceted foundation in the classroom and the opportunity for special off-campus internships in the business world. Students leave prepared for graduate study in economics, business or law and for immediate participation in the business community.

Economic forces affect all persons in many ways. Control of these forces depends on an understanding of them, gained through study in economics, accounting and business theory. The close relationship between these three fields allows students to acquire specialized knowledge in any one of them through selecting it as a major field of study and, at the same time, to gain a basic understanding of the other two.

Each of our majors provides a background for graduate study in economics, business, and law and for immediate participation in the business community. The accounting (public) major fulfills a part of the requirement for certified public accounting licensing in most states. The department is also a core participant in the interdisciplinary international business major. In addition to regular classroom course offerings displayed in the following links, arrangements may be made on an individual basis for special off-campus internships.

Students interested in an economics, accounting, or business major should contact the department chair at the earliest opportunity to ensure fulfillment of all degree and pre-professional requirements for completing a major in these areas and preparing for a related career.

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