Graduate Teacher Education

Intervention Specialist: Mild to Moderate Licensure

Intervention Specialist: Mild to Moderate, ages 5-21 (43-46 Credit Hours - see options A or B below), is a multi-age, special education licensure program that prepares individuals to teach students with mild to moderate needs.

ISMM licensure is also offered in an accelerated format via JUMPSTART

To add the license, take the following courses:

EDUC 528* Learning Differences and Exceptionalities (3)
EDUC 531* Nature and Needs of Students with Disabilities (3)
EDUC 532* Differentiation in the Content Areas (3)
EDUC 534* Instructional Services for Children with Mild/Moderate Needs (3)
EDUC 536* Co-Teaching and Collaboration in Education (2)
EDUC 550 Educational Psychology (3)
EDUC 555* Proactive Approaches to Classroom Management and Support (2)
EDUC 568 Assessment in Education (3)
EDUC 570* Professional Practices in Special Education (2)

Previous reading coursework may satisfy reading course requirements
EDUC 520* Language, Literacy and Communication (3)
EDUC 521 Phonics and the Reading Process (3)
EDUC 523* Content Area Literacy (3)
EDUC 524* Literacy Assessment and Intervention (3)

Content Courses Option A
For students with an elementary education certificate or with an early childhood license. 
EDUC 554* Middle Childhood Mathematics Methods (3)

Content Courses Option B
For students with a middle childhood license, a secondary/young adult license or any multi-age license. (Note: candidates holding a middle childhood math license are exempt from EDUC 554).
EDUC 554* Middle Childhood Mathematics Methods (3)
EDUC 599* Math for Primary Education (3)

Clinical Practice Courses
EDUC 547 Intervention Specialist Seminar (1)
EDUC 688 Intervention Specialist Clinical Practice (3)

If you choose, you can complete Master of Arts in Education by taking the following ONLINE courses (13 Credit Hours):

EDUC 605 Leading and Learning in a Culture of Change (3)
EDUC 606 Invitational and Inclusive Education (3)
EDUC 607 Informed Decision Making (3)
EDUC 608* Critical Pedagogy: The Transformational Educator (1)

Choose One of the Following: 
EDUC 700 Research Seminar & Project (3)
EDUC 705/706 National Board Certification Process (1+2)
EDUC 710 Practitioner Seminar and Project (3)

*Additional field hours are required

For a complete listing of MAE requirements, policies and procedures please refer to the Graduate Catalog (pdf).

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