Graduate Teacher Education

Graduate Teacher Education Degrees

Whether you're a licensed teacher or hold a bachelor’s degree in any field of study seeking to become a licensed teacher, Muskingum has a graduate program for you.

Master of Arts in Education (MAE)

Are you a licensed teacher looking to further your credentials?

Learn more about Muskingum's MAE program here.


Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Do you hold a bachelor's degree in something other than education and wish to become a licensed teacher?

Learn more about Muskingum's MAT program here.


Educational Specialist (Ed.S.)

Do you hold a master’s degree in education and want to expand your teaching or leadership skills with an intermediary step between a master’s degree and a doctorate?



Contact Nancy Bradley, Advisor for Graduate Teacher Education, at
740-826-8038 or

Muskingum University offers programs that lead to licensure or certification.  These programs prepare students for licensure or certification based on the requirements set by the State of Ohio.  Students who plan to seek licensure or certification in other states will need to contact that State Licensure Board for specific requirements. Please visit the link to the Professional Licensure Directory here:

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