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Muskingum University
Graduate & Continuing Studies

260 Stadium Drive
New Concord, OH 43762-1837

Phone: 740-826-8038

Phone: 740-826-8238

Kim Lawler 
Director of Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) Program
Phone: 740-826-8466 

Leigh Ann Atkins 
Coordinator, Practicum and Clinical Experiences 
Phone: 740-826-8039 

Jennifer Baird
Advisor for Allied Health Programs
Phone: 740-826-6151

Nancy Bradley
Director of Graduate Teacher Education Programs
Phone: 740-826-8470

Bonnie Callahan
Associate Vice President for Graduate & Continuing Studies
Phone: 740-826-8471

Macey Carson 
Coordinator of Graduate & Continuing Studies Programs in Nursing
Assistant Professor in Nursing 
Phone: 740-260-6168 

Kelly Coffey
Faculty Coordinator
Phone: 740-826-8034

Janeen Eno
Assistant to the Vice President
Phone: 740-826-6128
Administrative Assistant to the MOT Program

Marjorie Pickworth 
Director of Muskingum Adult Program 
Phone: 740-826-8462

Stacy Welch 
Licensure Officer and Educator Preparation Assessment Specialist
Phone: 740-826-8033

Robert McManus
Executive Director of Applied Leadership
Phone: 740-826-8277

Office of Student Financial Services

Mailing Address:
Muskingum University
Office of Student Financial Services
260 Stadium Drive
New Concord, OH 43762-1837

Amber Gump
Director for Student Financial Services 
MAP Financial Advisor 

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