Graduate & Continuing Studies

Graduate & Continuing Studies Academic Calendar

Fall 2024

Monday, August 26 MAP and Graduate Classes Begin
Friday, December 13 MAP and Graduate Classes End


MOT Fall 2024  
September 16 Classes Begin
October 4-6 On-Campus Weekend
October 14-20 Break
November 1-3 On-Campus Weekend
November 22-24 On-Campus Weekend
November 25- December 1 Break
December 7 Classes End


MOT Spring I 2025  
January 6 Classes Begin
January 24-26 On-Campus Weekend
February 14-16 On-Campus Weekend
March 7-9 On-Campus Weekend
March 15 Classes End
March 16-24 Break


MOT Spring II 2025  
March 24 First Year Student Classes Begin
March 24 Level II Fieldwork Student Classes Begin
April 11-13 *On-Campus Weekend 
April 25-27 *On-Campus Weekend
May 16-18 *On-Campus Weekend
May 31 First Year Student Classes 
June 1-8 First Year Student Break Week
June 13 Level II Fieldwork End
June 14-22 Level II Fieldwork Break Week

*Weekend date includes Sunday afternoon until 5 p.m.

MOT Summer 2025  
June 9 First Year Student Classes Begin
June 23 Level II Fieldwork Student Classes Begin
June 27-29 *On-Campus Weekend 
July 18-20 *On-Campus Weekend
August 8-10 *On-Campus Weekend
August 16 First Year Student Classes End
September 12 Level II Fieldwork Student Classes End

*Weekend dates include one full Friday as scheduled with AFWC for Level I FW

^Summer Seminar add/drop ends 24 hours after the start of the session/week.

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