Kaluhiokalani, Kekoa

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Kekoa Kaluhiokalani

Associate Professor of English, Department Chair
Coordinator of Arts and Humanities
Study Abroad Programs
3A Cambridge Hall
Phone Number
Research Interests
-Study abroad programs
-The Edinburgh Fringe Festival
PhD, The Ohio State University (Twentieth-century Irish dramatic literature)
MA, Brigham Young University-Provo (British Literature)
BA, Brigham Young University-Provo (English Literature)
AA, Brigham Young University-Hawaii (Theatre)

Dr. Kekoa Kaluhiokalani is an associate professor in Muskingum University’s Department of English. Before arriving at Muskingum in 2006, he taught at Ohio State in the Theatre Department and the Comparative Studies Department and he was the coordinator for Asian American Studies.

At Muskingum, Dr. Kaluhiokalani teaches British literature, world literature, and a variety of topics courses. He is also the coordinator for Arts and Humanities. Since 2005, he has participated as a manager and artistic director for performance venues at the Edinburgh International Theatre Fringe Festival. In addition, Dr. Kaluhiokalani has coordinated numerous travel-related programs for Muskingum students, including such destinations as London, Paris, Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Hawaii.

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