The Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) minor at Muskingum University enables students to develop the skills necessary to effectively teach English to non-native English speakers abroad.

Many institutions are in need of qualified people to teach English at all levels of study, all over the world. Being a native English speaker is not enough to prepare you teach English, and many employers require a TEFL minor or certificate to teach the language. Also, if you are planning to studying abroad, TEFL coursework can give you valuable skills to use as an English tutor to non-English speakers during your stay.

The TEFL minor is a great complement to any major, including those in Education, World Languages, International Affairs, and International Business. The TEFL minor can make you more marketable, particularly if you plan to work or teach abroad. Note, however, the TEFL minor does not provide a teaching license; if you are an Education major and wish to earn a license to teach ESL in the United States, please consider the post-baccalaureate TESOL endorsement through the Graduate and Continuing Studies Office.

Minor Requirements (19 credit hours)

  • ENGL 361: Language: Structure and Usage
  • FREN, GERM, or SPAN 211 (or completion of another college course, at or above the intermediate level, taught in a non-native language)
  • WRLD 200: Cross-Cultural Communications
  • WRLD 250: Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
  • WRLD 300: TEFL Methods and Approaches
  • WRLD 375: English for TEFL

Contact Information
Meri Linn McCollum, Assistant Professor of Education
Muskingum University
163 Stormont St., Library 217
New Concord, OH 43762

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