Political Science

Department Awards

The John Anthony Brown Scholarship

This memorial endowed scholarship, established in 1979, is awarded in the name of a prominent political scientist, the seventeenth president of Muskingum College.

Dr. Brown served as president of the College from 1974 until his death in 1978.  Prior to coming to Muskingum, he held various academic positions, including Vice President at George Washington University, Vice President at Occidental College, and President of Lindenwood College.

This scholarship is awarded each year to a political science student whose performance reflects and exemplifies Dr. Brown's own commitment to academic excellence and intellectual integrity.  It is awarded for scholarship merit without regard to financial need.

The Political Science Department annually nominates a student who the Department faculty believes best represents scholarship in the discipline, typically a political science major of junior standing who has achieved the top GPA among the department majors who are juniors in the year the award is presented.

Consideration is taken of both the overall academic merit and the GPA achieved in political science courses.

The award is made to the selected student at the ceremonies of the Muskingum College Scholarship Day, held annually in Spring Term in conjunction with Parents' Weekend.

The Political Science Top Scholar Award

The Political Science Department faculty has created this award for the graduating senior political science major who has demonstrated high interest, commitment, and achievement throughout his or her undergraduate study.

The student has participated in department programs and affairs, has had a continuing curiosity and interest in the affairs of the political world, and has been willing to go beyond the basic assignments in any course to seek further knowledge and experience.

The selected student has demonstrated to the faculty the outstanding professionalism, enthusiasm, ethical commitment, and commitment to learning that reflects the goals of the Department and the College and which portend outstanding accomplishment and potential.

The William J. Fisk Scholarship

This endowed scholarship is named in honor of a Professor Emeritus of History who taught at Muskingum from 1946-1948 and 1976-1987.  In the intervening years, Dr. Fisk served the University as both Academic Dean and Vice President.

The scholarship was established by a Muskingum alumnus who was inspired by Dr. Fisk's teaching to pursue a graduate education, and spent his own career in higher education teaching history and political science courses.  He and his wife established this scholarship to provide financial opportunity for deserving and qualified students to attend Muskingum University.  In nominating a recipient, the History and Political Science Departments give primary preference to a rising senior history or political science major who intends to pursue some form of graduate education.  In special circumstances, an exceptional rising junior history or political science major may be selected, again on the condition that the recipient intends to pursue some form of graduate education.

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