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About Political Science

Political science has been defined by David Easton as the process "through which values are authoritatively allocated for a society." Harold Laswell has put this in more common language, stating that politics is "how we decide who gets what." Political science is concerned with processes, decision-making, power, organizations and institutions. The discipline of political science studies these processes and institutions using insights, data and methods from the disciplines of history, law, economics, sociology and psychology.


The mission of the Political Science major at Muskingum University is to educate students in the liberal arts tradition by teaching the foundations, complexities, and relevance of political science; developing the skills needed to achieve success and fulfilment in their chosen career paths; and facilitating their growth into informed and active citizens of their community, country, and the world. 

We engage students in and beyond the classroom through interactive, collaborative, and experiential instructional methods that prepare them to lead professionally successful, personally fulfilling, and socially responsible lives.

Program Learning Goals

  • Political Science majors will develop broad competency in two or more disciplinary subfields (American Government, Public Administration and Policy, Comparative Politics, International Relations).
  • Political Science majors will develop quantitative and qualitative research skills.
  • Political Science majors will be able to identify and evaluate Political Science arguments, positions, and theories.
  • Political Science majors will be capable of performing independent research in the discipline.

The Political Science Department

The Political Science department offers classes in both the theoretical and practical modes of the discipline. Classes are divided into four main fields: American Politics, Public Administration and Policy, Comparative Politics, and International Relations. A political science major may complete coursework across all of these four fields, but may also focus more intensively on one of the four. Our teaching approach emphasizes experiential and hands-on learning methods, including in-class simulations, work with surrounding communities, internships, and career placement. Recent graduates have found employment in government and policy-oriented positions, worked on election campaigns, and gone on to graduate and law school. A political science major is well prepared to pursue careers in many public and The department gives students access to a wide variety of activities, programs, internships and off-campus opportunities to enhance their education. Internships offer off-campus experience in practical matters. Muskingum University also participates in the Model United Nations and has a relationship with American University, which sponsors a Washington semester and programs in other world capitals.

Students interested in pursuing a major in political science should contact a member of the departmental faculty.

Information available from this site
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