Nursing Student Opportunities

Nursing Student Organization (NSO)

The NSO is a student led organization that includes all nursing and pre-nursing students (freshmen through seniors). The NSO actively participates in activities on campus that support healthy lifestyle behaviors, while developing the students’ leadership and organizational skills essential for professional nursing practice.

Precepted clinical experience

Senior nursing students will have the opportunity to further develop their clinical skills as they prepare for practice by completing a preceptorship with a qualified registered nurse.

Nursing Scholarship

Students will conduct meaningful evidence based practice scholarship in designated clinical settings, and present their findings to the Muskingum University campus community and in health care settings.

Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP)

NEALP provided financial assistance to Ohio students enrolled at least half-time in an approved nurse education program in Ohio to nurses who intend to serve as instructors and to students who intend to serve as nurses after graduation. NEALP offers eligible students loans which can be forgiven if the recipient serves as a fulltime nurse in Ohio for five years.

Student and Parent Loans

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