Department Awards

Joe L. Dubbert Award for the Outstanding Junior in History
Awarded since the 1980s, the Joe L. Dubbert Award recognizes an outstanding junior History major. The award is named in honor of Professor Joe L. Dubbert, who taught American History at Muskingum from 1967-1983.
2023 Emma Cepek
2022 Hannah Riggle & Spencer Jarrett
2021 Hope Neal, Maria Lollini, Cheyenne Van Gundy
2020 Tristan Bryant and Rachel Essex
2019 Liam Bates, Emily Fischer, Forrest Ison, & Julia Prokopchok
George A. and Jean F. Schooley Award for the Outstanding Senior in History

Awarded since the 1980s, the Schooley Award recognized the outstanding senior(s) in the History Department. This award is named in honor of George A. Schooley, a Muskingum alum and long-time area Social Studies teacher, and his wife, also an alum.

2023 Hannah Riggle
2022 Cheyenne van Gundy & Casey Wood
2021 Lorene Kelley, Zoey Stenson
2020 Liam Bates, Emily Fischer, & Julia Prokopchok
2019 Victoria Hupp & Elita Jones
William L. Fisk Endowed Scholarship Fund

The William L. Fisk Endowed Scholarship Fund was established by Dr. David K. McQuilkin, Class of 1962 and his wife, Dr. Charlette Boburka McQuilkin, Class of 1964. Inspired by Dr. Fisk, Dr. McQuilkin earned his PhD in History and taught for decades at Bridgewater College. Dr. Fisk taught at Muskingum or served as its Academic Dean from 1946 until 1987. This scholarship gives primary preference to a rising senior history or political science major who intends to pursue some form of graduate education. In special circumstances, an exceptional rising junior history or political science major may be selected, if they intend to pursue graduate education.

2023 Emma Cepek
2021 Cheyenne Van Gundy
2019 Zoey Stenson
2017 Luke Larson
2015 Jessica King
Taylor Stults Senior Research Award

To recognize Professor Taylor Stults’ service to Muskingum University and its Department of History, his family endowed funds upon his retirement in 2001, after 39 years of service, to recognize a Muskingum University History major for their outstanding academic work in the senior research capstone course (History 460).

2023 Monique Reil:
The Dehumanization of Japanese Individuals in the United States through Propaganda
2022 Casey Wood:
Antislavery in Antebellum Muskingum County, OH: A Diverse Cause.
2021 Zoey Stenson:
The Origin of Women’s Studies Programs

Emily Fischer:
Redefining Childhood During the Civil War: The Changing Expectations of Childhood Experiences

Reagan Skinner:
Vietnam War Propaganda: The Chieu Hoi “Open Arms” Program

Emerging Scholar Award

Established in 2022, the Emerging Scholar Award recognizes a student whose research project in History 300: Historical Research Methods, is deemed excellent by both their peers and the faculty teaching the course.


Sam Vansickle:
“An Analysis of the US-Cuban Espionage War”

Chris Brison:
“The Deception of the Iron Curtain”


Emma Cepek:
“Love and Heartbreak in World War II: How Desperation and Lust impacted War Relationships”

Alex Porcher:
“Nazis after World War II”

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