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Computer Science Success Stories

Nicholas Rohozen '14

Nicholas Rohozen was hired as a software developer at Nationwide Insurance before finishing his last final exam at Muskingum. He shared that he was apprehensive because he didn't feel prepared to be working in the industry. However, it turned out that he was more than ready because he was seen as a leader on the team after his first few weeks at Nationwide. He became a test lead and then a tech lead during his first two years. He's currently working at Workstate Consulting as an architect and as the lead of their application security practice. He gets to solve problems and work with cutting edge technologies for really great clients like Chemical Abstracts, CBS Sports, and Public Storage.
In Nick's own words, "When I look for new opportunities, hiring managers and recruiters always ask about my research as a Muskie Fellow or my involvement with the Muskingum ACM. My colleagues will often ask 'How do you know the things that you know?' or 'How do you things learn new things so quickly?' and I'll simply say that I lucky to have a great education. But, Muskingum CS didn't just teach me how to develop software. Muskingum CS taught me how to learn, how to think, and how to help others.  My experience at Muskingum has also had an impact on my family.  My little brother Forrest is currently in his second year at Muskingum and my youngest brother, Jarod says that he will be attending Muskingum as well."
In his career Nick has worked with developers who graduated from MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, and other big name schools. While he's found them to be competent, he feels that the education he received at Muskingum was on par with theirs. In his words, "I'm way better at starting with nothing and getting up and running than they are and I don't know if I could've gotten that anywhere else."

Jarrod Dalton '02

Jarrod Dalton earned his BS in mathematics, computer science, and business from Muskingum University in 2002 and proceeded to earn a master's degree in applied statistics from the University of Michigan in 2003. In 2013, Jarrod received the Doctoral Excellence Award in Biomedical Sciences from Case Western Reserve University for his 2013 Ph.D. thesis in epidemiology and biostatistics. In nearly seven years as a biostatistician within the Cleveland Clinic Departments of Quantitative Health Sciences and Outcomes Research, Jarrod gained expertise in the design and analysis of clinical trials in the area of perioperative medicine and in conducting observational analyses of large, diverse electronic health data registries.

His research is focused on using modern electronic health record technology to better support individualized care, primarily through the use of statistical data mining or machine learning techniques. Under the KL2 program, he is working under the mentorship of Neal Dawson, MD to build and validate clinical decision rules which will recommend a treatment alternative for specific conditions according to patients individual comorbidity profiles using large population health databases. He is also working to develop methodology for modeling abnormally low and/or high treatment outcomes, with applications in clinical and translational medicine, health economics, and personalized care.

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