Computer Science

The Computer Science major gives you a sound technical foundation along with exploration into emerging areas such as web application development, mobile application development, 3D game programming, virtual reality, machine learning, and robotics. Whether your future includes real world business or graduate school, Muskingum will prepare you to use Computer Science to shape the solutions of tomorrow.


  • Education in the growing field of computer security
  • Professors’ guidance on programming projects such as designing complex websites, development of mobile applications, robotics, graphics and animation, and human-computer interaction
  • Association with The Ohio University Supercomputer Center for large programming projects
  • Preparation for internships with national companies and government labs (Battelle Labs, Datatel, IBM, NASA) that can lead to future employment
  • Access to state of the art virtual and augmented reality gear
  • Ability to design and implement a complete website and develop geographically aware mobile applications.


Our department's recent graduates have successfully pursued one of three paths: industrial employment, middle or secondary school teaching, or graduate school.

Our graduates have gone immediately to work at firms including Argonne Laboratories, Battelle Laboratories, IBM, Microsoft, MIT Laboratories, Motorists Insurance, NASA, NCR Progressive Insurance, and TRW.   Those interested in teaching are in great demand in secondary and elementary schools throughout the east and midwest.

Those choosing to continue their studies have entered a number of excellent graduate schools: Bowling Green University, Carnegie-Mellon University, Case Western Reserve University, University of Cincinnati, Clemson University, Cornell University, Georgia Tech, Indiana University, Miami University, University of Michigan, MIT, University of North Carolina, The Ohio State University, University of Pittsburgh, and Purdue University. They have earned advanced degrees and embarked on teaching and research careers.

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