Computer Science

About Computer Science

Muskingum University provides its students with a sound technical education that includes topics from a number of emerging areas, including web tool development, network and wireless communication, animated graphics, artificial life, and robotics. At the same time, the department faculty believe that a liberal arts institution should have a special mission that includes discussions of the effects of this technology within our society and around the world.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has provided students with the background knowledge and course work to pursue a variety of interesting career building opportunities both during their time as students through internship programs and as alums in business, industry, education and graduate education.


The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science aspires to excellence in serving its students in an ever-evolving world.  We will adapt to changes within our disciplines to best meet expectations placed on our majors as they graduate and begin life beyond Muskingum and we will keep pace with changes in the sciences and other programs with mathematics and computer science content.

Program Learning Goals

A graduate of the Computer Science program at Muskingum should:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the core body of knowledge of Computer Science
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of Computer Science that goes beyond the core body of knowledge
  • Be able to perform, or participate effectively in a team that performs the identification, definition and analysis of a loosely specified problem and the design, implementation, and testing of a solution to that problem
  • Demonstrate communication (both written and oral) skills that support the practice of Computer Science
  • Demonstrate an involvement with the Computer Science profession that goes beyond the classroom.
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