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Science students present papers at American Chemical Society conference

Five Muskingum University students presented three research papers at the American Chemical Society’s Central Regional meeting, held recently in Pittsburgh.

Seniors Kelli Brock, Heidi Landis, Tony Moore, Matt Allen and Cameron Godfrey presented the following papers:

Ferrocene as a Bio-Fuel Additive: Ferrocene’s Effects on the Thermodynamic Properties of Corn Oil by Landis, Allen, Brock, Paul Cristofari of Hyeres, France, Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Louis Zook-Gerdau and Professor of Chemistry Dr. Ray Rataiczak.

Water Quality Study of the Salt Creek Watershed by Brock and Dr. Zook-Gerdau.

Methods For Grafting Short Polymeric Units onto Kraft Lignin by Godfrey, Deborah Carroll, a senior chemistry major from New London; Kunyu Zheng ’14 of Lanzhou, China and Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Eric Schurter.

Muskingum faculty members accompanying the students were Dr. Schurter, Dr. Zook- Gerdau, Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Deepa Perera and Professor of Chemistry Dr. Paul Szalay. 

IN THE PHOTO: From left to right, Kelli Brock, Heidi Landis, Cameron Godfrey, Matt Allen and Tony Moore.

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