Graduate Teacher Education

Whether you're a licensed teacher or hold a bachelors degree and seek to become a licensed teacher, Muskingum has a graduate program for you.

Master of Arts in Education (MAE)

Are you a licensed teacher looking to further your credentials?

The Master of Arts in Education (MAE) program is based on the belief that educators play an important role in encouraging, equipping, and empowering all students to become rational, competent, productive and responsible citizens capable of meeting the challenges of today's society. The MAE program offers students nine licensure areas, seven endorsements, as well as a non-licensure option.

Learn more about Muskingum's MAE program here.

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Do you hold a bachelors degree and wish to become a licensed teacher?

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), as an initial licensure program, is designed to develop professional educators who demonstrate effective entry year performance in meeting the challenges of teaching all students. This perspective views teaching as an endeavor that requires flexibility, decision-making, personal reflection, collaboration, linkage of research and theory to classroom practice, and both leadership and service orientations.The MAT program offers students five areas in which to earn initial licensure.

Learn more about Muskingum's MAT program here.

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