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Experiential Learning

Earn Credit for Your Life Experience!

What is experiential learning?

At Muskingum University we value the adult learner and the learning experiences they bring to the college classroom. Experiential learning is college-level learning that has been acquired through work, trainings, volunteer activities and life experiences. Credit will be awarded for the learning gained from experiences, not from experiences only.

What are the advantages of experiential learning credits?
• Complete your bachelor’s degree sooner
• Reduce the cost of earning your degree
• Receive credit for the knowledge you already possess
• Increase academic confidence

What are the options for evaluating my prior college-level learning?

1. Transcript Evaluation completed by Muskingum University*
Transcripts from previous colleges will be evaluated by a Muskingum University advisor to determine the transfer equivalencies for each course.

2. Advanced Placement and Credit by Examination*
Entering students may receive advanced placement, with or without college credit, by giving clear evidence of competence in courses tested by the College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP), the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Defense Activity Non-Traditional Educational Support (DANTES), Proficiency Examination Program (PEP) of the American College Testing Program or proficiency examinations administered by the academic departments. Placement and the number of credit hours are determined following review of the individual examinations, appropriate secondary school coursework, and personal interviews as needed. For more information, contact the Registrar’s Office.

3. Non-collegiate sponsored learning such as trainings, certifications and licenses*
Credit can be awarded for learning that has already been evaluated by Muskingum University, the American Council on Education (ACE) or the New York State Education Department – National PONSI. Evaluation has already been completed for government agencies, the military and the private sector.

4. Experiential Learning Credit*
Through Muskingum University’s Experiential Learning workshop you can petition for credit for experiential learning. You will write a description of what you have experienced, what you learned from that experience and how you can apply that learning to other experiences for each course you are petitioning for credit. Your request will then be sent to a faculty expert in the subject area for credit evaluation.

*Muskingum University reserves the right to determine the number of credits awarded.

Who should consider participation in the Experiential Learning Workshop?

• Someone who has been accepted into the MAP program
• Someone who has had all transcripts evaluated
• Someone who has sufficient writing skills to complete the portfolio narrative, such as ENGL 121 or significant documented writing experience.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for experiential learning credits?

• Your experiential learning was acquired after high school
• Your life experience is closely related to your education goals
• Your experiences can be verified by a written document (i.e. letter from supervisor, certificates from training, original artifact, etc.)
• Your experiential learning can be applied in other situations
• Your experiential learning is comparable to college-level courses

What is the process for getting experiential learning credits?

Muskingum University Graduate & Continuing Studies offers an Experiential Learning Workshop that guides students through the process of completing an experiential learning portfolio. The Experiential Learning Workshop is a requirement for any student who wishes to petition for experiential learning credit. There will be six class sessions with writing assignments due for each, with the exception of the first class, and a final submission date.
This portfolio will contain your petition and documentation for college credit. At the end of the term your portfolio will be given to a faculty expert who will evaluate the completed portfolio and determine the amount of credits to be awarded.

When should I take the Experiential Learning Workshop?

It is best to take the Experiential Learning Workshop early in your college career. We want to make sure that you do not take a class for which you could obtain experiential learning credits.

How will these credits be applied to my transcript?

Experiential Learning credit will be posted to the Muskingum University transcript like other college courses.

How much does the Experiential Learning Workshop cost?

Workshop fee $300
Evaluation fee $250
Evaluation fee for each additional academic area petitioned $125
Posting fee per credit awarded $125
Workshop $300
2 academic areas evaluated $375
6 credit hours awarded (6 x $125) $750
Total $1425
Compared to 6 credit hours @ $550 $3300
Total Savings $1695

Muskingum University follows the Council on Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) standards for college-level learning. 

• Credit is awarded only for learning and not for experience.
• College credit is awarded only for college-level learning.
• Credit is awarded only for learning that has a balance, appropriate to the subject, between theory and practical application.
• Competence levels and credit awards are made by subject matter/academic experts.
• Credit is appropriate to the academic context in which it is accepted.
• Credit awards and transcripts are monitored to avoid duplicating credit.

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