Graduate Teacher Education

Principal’s license (Grades P-9 AND 4-12)

Elevate your leadership journey with Muskingum University's dynamic blend of Principal's Licensure and Applied Leadership Program! Dive into a transformative education that merges rigorous licensure preparation with expansive leadership training. Unleash your potential and shape the future of K-12 education with the skills and insights gained from our cutting-edge, immersive program. Join us and be at the forefront of educational excellence and innovation!

The Principal’s Licensure program (30 Credit Hours) is for educators with a valid professional teacher license and at least one year’s teaching experience at the level of desired certification (grades P-9 or 4-12).

Core Courses (6 Credit Hours)

MALP 782 (10 week course): Informed Decision Making (3) [May be waived if already possesses a masters]
MALP 783 (10 week course): High-Impact Communication (3) [May be waived if already possesses a masters]

Leadership Courses (15 Credit Hours):
MALP 781 (10 week course): Leadership Literacy (3)
MALP 785 (10 week course): Conflict Management (3)
MALP 786 (10 week course): Systems Thinking (3)
MALP 788 (10 week course): Work Teams (3)
MALP 789 (10 week course): Project Management (3)

Education Sequence (9 Credit Hours):
EDUC 721 (5 week course):  Ethical Leadership and Policy Development (3)
EDUC 722 (5 week course):  Leadership in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (3)
EDUC 771:  Principal Internship Seminar (1)
EDUC 772 or 773:  Principal Internship (2)

To exit the Principal’s Licensure program:

  • Candidate must have completed a second year’s teaching experience at the level of desired certification (grades P-9 or 4-12)
  • Candidate must hold a Master’s degree

For a complete listing of MAE requirements, policies and procedures please refer to the Graduate Catalog (pdf).

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