Graduate Teacher Education

Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement

Candidates for the Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement must have a Middle Childhood (4-9) license. Candidates may complete the endorsement in a single content area by taking the appropriate courses for that area. In order to earn the Master of Arts in Education degree a candidate must complete coursework in the two content areas which they do not already hold.

MAE Core Courses (13 Credit Hours)
EDUC 605 Leading and Learning in a Culture of Change (3)
EDUC 606 Invitational and Inclusive Education (3)
EDUC 607 Informed Decision Making (3)
EDUC 608* Critical Pedagogy: The Transformational Educator (1)
EDUC 700 Research Seminar & Project (3)
EDUC 705/706 National Board Certification Process (1+2)
EDUC 710 Practitioner Seminar and Project (3)

Content Courses (12-18 Credit Hours)
For Math:
EDUC 644 Integrated Math I for Teaching Grades 4-6 (3)
EDUC 645 Integrated Math II for Teaching Grades 4-6 (3)

For Science: 
EDUC 646 Integrated Science I for Teaching Grades 4-6 (3)
EDUC 647 Integrated Science II for Teaching Grades 4-6 (3)

For Social Studies:
EDUC 648 Integrated Social Studies I for Teaching Grades 4-6 (3)
EDUC 590 Topics: Integrated Social Studies II for Teaching Grades 4-6 (3)

For Language Arts:
ENGL 501 Advanced Writing (3)
EDUC 649 Integrated Language Arts for Teaching Grades 4-6 (3)

EDUC XXX Approved Electives (6)

*Additional field hours are required

For a complete listing of MAE requirements, policies and procedures please refer to the Graduate Catalog (pdf).

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