Graduate Teacher Education

MAE Dual Licensure: Primary Education (grades Pre K-5)/Intervention Specialist Mild to Moderate (Pre K-12)

MAE Dual Licensure: Primary Education PreK-5/Intervention Specialist Mild to Moderate PreK-12 (54 credit hours) 

Professional Education Courses (38 credit hours)
EDUC 528* Learning Difference and Exceptionalities (3)
EDUC 531* Nature and Needs of Students with Disabilities (3)
EDUC 532* Differentiation in Context (3)
EDUC 550 Educational Psychology (3)
EDUC 555* Co-Teaching and Proactive Approaches to Classroom Management (3)
EDUC 568 Assessment in Education (3)
EDUC 569* Intervention Math Methods for Teaching (3)
EDUC 570* Professional Practices in Special Education (2)
EDUC 586* Social Studies Methods for Primary (Grades PreK-5) (3)
EDUC 588* Science Methods for Primary (Grades PreK-5) (3)
EDUC 593* Professional Practices for Primary Education (3)
EDUC 594* Creative Classroom: Arts in Primary Education (3)
EDUC 599* Math Methods for Primary (Grades PreK-5) (3)

Reading Courses (12 credit hours)
previous reading coursework may satisfy reading course requirements 

EDUC 520* Language, Literacy and Communication (3)
EDUC 521  Phonics and the Reading Process (3)
EDUC 523* Content Area Literacy (3)
EDUC 524* Literacy Assessment and Intervention (3)

Clinical Practice Courses (4 credits)
EDUC 623    Early Childhood Clinical Practice (3)
EDUC 627.3 Early Childhood Advanced Methods and Seminar (1)

*Additional field hours are required

Bold- Foundational Education Courses

For complete listing of the MAT requirements, polices and procedures please refer to the Graduate Catalog (pdf).

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