Graduate Teacher Education

Adult Education

Adult Education (31 credit hours) is a non-licensure program that combines learning theory, communication skills, and technology to prepare students for a variety of management and training positions in business, industry, and public agencies. Students learn how to apply adult learning theories to develop and conduct worthwhile education and training programs, and to create effective learning environments in the workplace. Students who successfully complete the program develop management and communication skills, and learn how to coach, mentor and lead.

MAE Core Courses (13 credit hours) 
EDUC 605 Leading and Learning in a Culture of Change (3)
EDUC 606 Invitational and Inclusive Education (3)
EDUC 607 Informed Decision Making (3)
EDUC 608* Critical Pedagogy: The Transformational Educator (1)
EDUC 830 Adult Education Internship (3)

Professional Education (18 credit hours) 
EDUC 513 Building and Working in Collaborative Teams (3)
EDUC 574 Foundations of Adult Learning (3) 
EDUC 575 Adult Learning Theory (3) 
EDUC 576 Program Planning for Adult Education (3) 
EDUC 583 Readings in Adult Education (3)

EDUC 584 Issues and Trends in Adult Education (3)
EDUC 518 Coaching Team Sports (3)
EDUC XXX Elective approved by program director (3)

*Additional field hours required

For a complete listing of MAE requirements, policies and procedures please refer to the Graduate Catalog (pdf).

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