Academic Catalog

Public Administration

Public Administration major: (42 hours)

Requirements: (36 hours)

ACCT 201

CRMJ 240 or POLS 240

ECON 215, 216

ENGL 201 or 202

IDIS 250 (3 hours) or 300

POLS 121, 321, 322

Two of the following: POLS 323, 325, 326, 328 or GEOG 310

A senior seminar in Accounting, Economics, English, Political Science or the student’s cognate area with a topic approved by the Public Administration advisor.

Cognate Area : (6 upper level hours)
Students are required to secure approval from the Chair of the Department for a course of study that will enhance their preparation in Public Administration. (For example students who have an interest in historic districts might choose History, those interested in grant writing might find English to be helpful, and those interested in Parks and Recreation might find Health Science or Biology appropriate. Students may NOT choose Political Science as a cognate area.)

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