Academic Catalog


Psychology major (34 hours)


  • PSYC 101, 151, 232, 351, 493, 495
  • Electives: One course from each of the following perspectives (one of the four courses must include a lab):
  • Biological: PSYC 281, 361 (lab), 371 (lab)
  • Cognitive/Social: PSYC 304, 305 (lab), 321, 359 (lab)
  • Developmental: PSYC 205, 208, 308, 309
  • Clinical/Applied: PSYC 290, 363, 390, 406

Electives: Take remaining hours from PSYC for a total of 34

Double Majors: Students choosing to major in psychology and another department are required to do only one Senior Studies project, registering for Senior Studies in one of the departments and establishing contact with an advisor in the other. The project must be empirical in nature and satisfactory to both departments. A copy of the work is turned in to each department and both a poster and an oral presentation are made to the psychology department. The student must take an additional 300- or 400- level class in the major for which the Senior Studies is not taken. 

Psychology minor

15 hours with at least one three-credit course at the 300- or 400-level

Teacher licensure

Integrated social studies, grades 7-12 (with a psychology major). Contact the education department or the education department website for specific course requirements.

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