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Gender and History

Introduces students to the use of gender as a historical category of analysis.  It encourages students to integrate theory and practice to explore both historical sources (primary and secondary) and historical explanations more deeply through the lens of gender.  It explores the social constructions of categories such as feminine and masculine and examines how these binary divisions have had an impact on people, policies, and institutions.  It probes the relationship between these categories of analysis and constructions of power and examines how gender has influenced societal constructions of hierarchy, asymmetry, and difference.  Topics will include witch trials, industrialization and its impact on work, dueling, reproductive rights and control, betrothal and marriage rituals, civil rights and civil liberties, imperialism, genocide, consumer culture, and wartime experiences.  While the focus of this course is on gender, it also includes the diversities of ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation.

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HIST 322
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