Greek Affairs

Ask a Greek

Have Questions of Greek Life and Our Community? Greek Council Executive Board is comprised of current Greek Students whose main objective is to assist you with all your questions, comments, and concerns?  If you have a question about Going Greek please look at our Recruitment tab and browse our FAQs. Any questions at all can be sent to one of our Executive Board members.

Caleb McManaway
Greek Council President

Corryn Browne
Vice President of Sororities

Dan Diamond
Vice President of Fraternities

Jayne Muncie

Kaylee Hauck

Katie Turner
Chief Justice of Sororities

Zach Ogle
Chief Justice of Fraternities

Alyssa Snyder
Social Media & Scholarship Chair

Katie Simms
Director of Student Leadership & Engagement

Social Media Accounts
Instragram - @gogreekmuskies
Twitter - @gogreekmu



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