Greek Affairs

Greek Affairs

Greek Life has long been a part of the Muskingum University experience.

Fraternities and sororities play an important role in the lives of many Muskingum undergraduate students. About 30 percent of Muskingum University students are involved in the Greek community. Through these organizations, students have the opportunity to develop skills which will be useful in later life. Living and working together, learning about others, experiencing diversity, managing a small business, becoming socially aware, getting involved in the community, and learning to lead are some of the opportunities which await new members. Organizations have their own living environments which include residence hall floors with private lounges, on-campus houses operated by the University, and an off-campus house managed by members and alumni advisors. The Muskingum University Greek Community is comprised of 6 fraternities (2 local and 4 national) and 4 sororities (3 local and 1 national).

Mission Statement

The mission of the Greek Affairs Office at Muskingum University is to promote a fraternity and sorority community of excellence with a focus on the areas of academic achievement, leadership development, and community engagement. By developing these skills, we hope to empower our students to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the values and standards associated with membership in a fraternal organization, while complementing and enhancing the educational mission of our institution.

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