Center for Child Development

Suggestions for Parents

Below is a list of suggestions for parents to help insure a positive preschool experience for both the child and the parent.

  1. Be prepared. Help your child and yourself prepare for the day. Refer to the events calendar to prepare for the day.

  2. Take time to share. When arriving at the classroom, don't just "drop off" your child. You are encouraged to schedule your time to come in with your child and take a minute to share any concerns or events with the staff. Feel free to get involved with your child's day. Pick up time also provides an opportunity to do this.

  3. Plan for emergencies. Who will care for you child if he/she is sick? Make arrangements in advance. If you are going to be late, notify the Center staff by calling 826-8351. A late pick up charge is policy.

  4. Communicate. Let your child know about your plan for each day. Keep Center staff informed of changes in routines. Ask questions when you have concerns. Make suggestions when you have ideas you believe will enhance the Center. Ask you child about each day and listen.

  5. Be helpful. Be sensitive to program routines and regulations. Avoid overtime and pay all tuition or other charges in a timely manner. On those days when your child will be in the program for a full day, pack a lunch in accordance with the nutrition guidelines.

  6. Be informed. Keep your PARENT HANDBOOK and other materials pertinent to the operation of Muskingum University Center for Child Development for reference as needed.

  7. Read the newsletter. A newsletter announcing monthly themes, special activities, field trips, request for items, etc. will be distributed to parents. Monthly and weekly class schedules are posted outside the classroom on the bulletin boards and wall.

  8. Snacks. Snacks should be nutritional (crackers, fruit, cheese, low/no sugar snacks). All snacks brought into the classroom must be pre-packaged. This also includes special parties, etc.

  9. Nature items. Children are encouraged to bring interesting nature items to school to add to the science display.

  10. Dress children appropriately. Clothing for preschool should be washable, durable, and appropriate for outdoor as well as indoor activities. All coats, hats, mittens, boots, etc. should be labeled with the child's name. A complete change of seasonal clothing should be sent to school in a zip lock bag with the child’s name on the bag. This is in case of spills or bathroom accidents.

  11. Don’t forget yourself. Schedule a little calm down time for yourself after drop off and before pick up. Try to avoid feeling time-pressured and guilty; both are unhealthy for you and your child. A flexible attitude creates a comfortable atmosphere for your family and you.

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