Sociology Student Opportunities

Recent internships for Sociology and Anthropology students include:

  • Children's Services
  • Drug Rehab Programs
  • Thompkins Child and Adolescent Center

All majors work on a senior seminar project, with many choosing to work with anthropological and sociological data. Sociology and Anthropology professors work closely with students doing research in a number of areas, both in the field and in the lab.

  • Dr. David Tabachnick offers students the opportunity to work on documentary film making as a sociological technique.
  • Dr. Sandra Schroer works with students on qualitative studies.
  • Graduate, Ellen Hine, participated in the summer 2009 Muskie Fellows program, compiling and analyzing research data from field work in nineteenth century cemeteries in the New Concord area under the direction of Dr. Schroer, Assistant Professor of Sociology.

The Sociology and Anthropology department employs three students each year to assist department facultyand staff with clerical assistance, research assistance, etc.

Professional Activities
Majors are encouraged to present at professional conferences and to publish their own work in various places.

After Graduation
Career Possibilities for Sociology and Anthropology Majors

  • Human Services
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Government
  • Social ScienceResearch
  • Business

Graduate Programs
Recent Sociology and Anthropology graduates have enrolled in the following:

  • Oxford University in England
  • Ohio University
  • Miami University
  • University of Colorado
  • Case Western Reserve
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