Focusing on the social and cultural factors that influence behavior, and understanding social order and social change, our Sociology major has two paths. The research orientation prepares you for graduate school and social justice work, while the applied focus prepares you for jobs in human services. Both paths provide you with a solid comprehension of people’s interactions and their impact on the world.


  • One-on-one opportunities with professors, including field research, professional development and student publication 
  • Internship opportunities in research or human services—formalized or of your own creation  
  • Domestic or international travel with professors, including an annual trip to a professional conference with department faculty   
  • Eligibility for Alpha Kappa Delta, the international sociology honors society    
  • Sociology Club:  A student-run organization focused on raising awareness of social problems occurring in the local and global community
  • Sociological Library:  A collection of works about sociology available for check-out by students.  Major topics include gender and sexuality, race and class.
  • A network of alumni pursuing their dreams and helping others


Our Sociology students go on to earn graduate degrees in a variety of fields at schools including Oxford University in England, Ohio University, Miami University, University of Colorado, and Case Western Reserve.

Career possibilities include but are not limited to human services, criminal justice, education, government, social science research, advocacy, international affairs, and business.

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