Media Production

Media Production Success Stories

Marty Kurtz, Class of 2017, graduated from Muskingum as one of the first students with a Media Production degree. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Kurtz has taken the opportunity to work for the campus news organization, Orbit Media. During his time at Muskingum, he was the WMCO Program Director and has interviewed many famous people including country music artists Craig Morgan, Drew Baldridge, and up and coming artist Mitch Rossell, who has opened and produced music with country music legend Garth Brooks. Kurtz also worked for The Black and Magenta as a reporter, Orbit TV as a television producer, and was a DJ for WMCO all four years at Muskingum. Kurtz has also interviewed Glenn Schuck, a famous news reporter for radio station 1010 WINS in New York City and voiced the welcome video for The John & Annie Glenn Museum on Main Street in New Concord.


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