About Mathematics

The Math program at Muskingum University is designed to portray mathematics as a universal language of creative and critical thought and to meet the needs of those who intend to teach, to do graduate work in mathematics, and to pursue careers which rely substantially upon mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has provided students with the background knowledge and course work to pursue a variety of interesting career building opportunities both during their time as students through internship programs and as alums in business, industry, education and graduate education.


The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science aspires to excellence in serving its students in an ever-evolving world.  We will adapt to changes within our disciplines to best meet expectations placed on our majors as they graduate and begin life beyond Muskingum and we will keep pace with changes in the sciences and other programs with mathematics and computer science content.

Program Learning Goals

Students who have successfully completed the Mathematics major will have demonstrated the following:

  • A mastery of a rich and diverse set of mathematical ideas and of mathematics as an engaging field with contemporary open questions.
  • The ability to think analytically and critically, to formulate and solve problems, and to interpret their solutions.
  • Understanding and appreciation of the value and validity of careful reasoning, precise definition, and close argument.
  • The ability to apply knowledge from one branch of mathematics to another or from one branch of mathematics to another discipline of study.
  • The ability to use a variety of technological tools.
  • The ability to communicate mathematics both orally and in writing and to read mathematics with comprehension.
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