Mathematics is the `Language of the Universe' that informs the arts and sciences alike. Our program explores the beauty and power of mathematics, and the variety of ways that it can be used and applied. From geometric ideas that fuel computer graphics to the statistical methods behind scientific studies, a mathematics major gives you the tools to go wherever your passion takes you.

Program Highlights

  • Faculty-supervised student research in topics such as non-transitive dice and universal differential equations, often leading to conference presentations and publication of scholarly papers
  • Participation in our chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, mathematics honorary
  • Opportunities to tutor or to work with a professor as a Student Instructional Aide
  • Application of mathematics in secondary majors such as chemistry, physics, and economics


Most of our department's recent graduates have successfully pursued one of three paths: graduate school, industrial employment, or middle or secondary school teaching.

Graduates who sought immediate employment have gone to work for firms such as Argonne Laboratories, Battelle Laboratories, IBM, Microsoft, MIT Laboratories, Motorists Insurance, NASA, NCR Progressive Insurance, and TRW. Graduates are in great demand in secondary and elementary schools throughout the east and midwest.

Muskingum Mathematics students who chose to continue their studies have entered a number of excellent graduate schools including Bowling Green University, Carnegie-Mellon University, Case Western Reserve University, University of Cincinnati, Clemson University, Cornell University, Georgia Tech, Indiana University, Miami University, University of Michigan, MIT, University of North Carolina, The Ohio State University, University of Pittsburgh, and Purdue University. They have had successful graduate careers and embarked on teaching and research careers.

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