About Journalism

The interdisciplinary major in Journalism is designed for students interested in a career in convergent media whether the emphasis is in broadcast, print, photography, or electronic media. Students learn to properly and ethically gather, write, and produce content for various mediums. The program is designed to provide hands-on skills and experience while also helping the student to develop an understanding of the context in which events occur.

Students majoring in Journalism enjoy a blend of theory and practical application. As a part of the program, students have an opportunity to gain leadership experience working with Orbit Media: The Black & Magenta (weekly newspaper), WMCO (Class A 1.32 KW FM radio station), and Orbit TV (Muskingum University Television, operating on the cable access channel in New Concord).

Students may double major in other disciplines, however, students who major in Journalism may not minor in English or in Communication. If they elect to declare a minor, students are encouraged to minor in a subject that will allow them to specialize in the field of communication.


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