About Humanities

A Humanities major is designed to provide flexibility for students who do not fit any of our traditional majors. Self-motivated students with a particular vision are the best fit for this option. In consultation with an adviser, such students are empowered with the ability to bring that vision to life, while developing a strong foundation across the humanities disciplines. In a world where most people will change careers several times, the humanities major provides a foundation of critical thinking and writing skills, combined with familiarity with the arts, music, theater, literature, philosophy, religion, and history.


The Humanities major provides you with a chance to consult with your professors and tailor a degree that will meet your specific needs, giving you the ability to help design a program that emphasizes your strengths and provides the resources you need for the career you envision.

Program Learning Goals

The core of the Humanities program is to enable students to pursue a career that is interdisciplinary in nature and exists outside of our more traditional majors. This customized approach means that learning goals will vary somewhat by the disciplines incorporated. However, all Humanities majors must demonstrate the ability to construct a research-related project and present it in a form that may defended orally. As such, the learning goals are as follows:

Students should:

  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct research in both primary and secondary sources.
  • Demonstrate the ability, both in oral and written form, to develop and defend an argument with a clear thesis.
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