Create your own major! The Humanities major provides you with a chance to consult with your professors and tailor a degree that will meet your specific needs, giving you the ability to help design a program that emphasizes your strengths and provides the resources you need for the career you envision.


  • You get the chance to construct your own major based on your goals, while still having insights from professors who can ensure that you get the training you need to be successful.
  • Allows you to pursue interests that are not captured in the existing list of majors, including newer careers that are developing to meet the changing needs of our society.
  • Work with faculty directly to develop a senior capstone that is unique to you and will help you achieve your post-graduation goals.
  • As an interdisciplinary program, humanities will allow you to take classes in diverse areas of study, so that you are not limited to a narrow focus.

Program Outcomes

  • Enables you to get the classes you need to meet qualifications in specialty graduate school programs.
  • The ability to consolidate research and information from different fields, a skill highly sought after in today‚Äôs workforce.
  • You will have the creative and integrative thinking skills that employers desire.
  • Your coursework can target specific areas in the field you envision for yourself.
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